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Love fam and friends? <3 Guaranteed good times at the triathlon!

One of the hardest things about tri might not be the training – it’s convincing your family and friends to come and support you! You’re already out there on the bike, perfecting your transition, swimming countless mornings . . . the old “I can’t, I’m training” gets pretty old for lots of people. So, here’s an idea! Bring ’em with! Active support! Our course makes it easy for your supporters to actively support you (and they can volunteer, too, and make…

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Substitute the swim with paddling!

Substitute the swim portion with Kayak Or Stand up Paddle Boarding If you don’t swim or you’re a kayaking/stand up paddle board fiend you can substitute the swim portion of the triathlon with a paddle. The course tours Morro Bay in clockwise direction, course and turns are clearly marked with buoys. The paddle starts and ends at Mothers Beach. Ocean sit-on-tops, touring kayaks, surf skis, and stand up paddle boards are all welcome. The paddle option will be divided between…

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