Where should I park?

What you get on race day from us:

  • Swim cap (if swimming) colored to match your wave
  • Pin on bib
  • Bike bib – goes on bike tube and a sticker for your helmet
  • High quality race shirt (make sure you order the right size, they invariably run small)
  • Timing
  • Opportunity to purchase finish and race photos from our photographer partner
  • Light snacks at finish
  • FLUID and water at aid stations
  • Finish medal
  • 1 free locally brewed beer from Central Coast Brewing

Mandatory Gear

  • Valid ID
  • USAT Card
  • Wetsuit (the water is forecasted to be in the low 50s so plan accordingly – we recommend full sleeve suits)
  • Bike (no tandems or recumbent bikes, required to have bar end plugs)
  • Approved helmet
  • Smile :)

Recommended Gear

  • Sunscreen
  • Anti-Chafing Stick
  • Warm Clothing
  • Tri-Suit
  • Race bib belt
  • Towel
  • Transition Mat (extra towel works well)
  • Sunglasses
  • Triathlon/Cycling shoes
  • Running shoes
  • Energy gels and bars (DO NOT drop wrappers on course)
  • Electrolyte Drinks
  • Bike tool, extra tube, CO2 (incase you have a mechanical problem on the bike course)
  • Running visor (optional)

If we are supplying our own kayak or SUP, can we leave it at the race site the night before the race?
No, there will not be overnight security on Saturday. Drop off your kayaks or SUP at your own risk on Sunday prior to the start.

Is Morro Bay safe to swim in?
We schedule the race around the tides making sure the swim takes place during a “slack tide” – meaning you will not be sucked out or pushed in. If you would like to train in Morro Bay please check the tides first, and watch out for boats. For tide charts please CLICK HERE. We will be having pre-race weekend clinics to get you familiar with the course. Consider attending!

It looks like you run on the beach, what is the sand like to run on?
Yes, half the run takes place on the beach. The majority of the beach is hard packed sand, similar to the dirt road. There are a few soft sand sections plus some rocks on uneven terrain thrown in for good measure. You have been warned :) We will be having pre-event weekend clinics to get you familiar with the course. Consider attending!

Will the bike course be closed?
We will have a lane closure on HWY 1 between Morro Bay and Cayucos. Please be aware of cars! We will be having pre-event weekend clinics to get you familiar with the course. Consider attending!

I want to volunteer. How can I get involved?

Is your registration site secure?
Yes, we use runsignup.com to register you for our event. They are 100% secure.

May I give or transfer my slot to someone else?
Yes, you can do so by editing your registration information through the registration website. The last day to do this is Sunday, October 31, 2024.  Transferring your number or taking a number of an athlete that is not competing without changing the registration information on the website will result in disqualification and a one year suspension from USAT membership

How do I know when my wave starts?
This information can be found on the Event Day Schedule page.

Are there designated transition spots?
No. Your transition area spot is first come first serve. Better get to the race site early to secure your spot! Transition area opens at 6:00 a.m.

Will there be body marking?
Yes, you will be required to get body marked before your race. Look for a volunteer in the transition area with a black Sharpie marker before your put your wetsuit on!

Do I have to source my own swim cap? 
No, we provide those swimming with a swim cap at packet pickup :)

Where on my body will I get body marked?
Your bib number will be Sharpied vertically on the right side of your right calf and your left arm. Your age will be on the back side of your left calf.

What are the distances for the Morro Bay Triathlon?
Olympic Distance : 1.5k Swim | 40k Bike | 10k Run
Sprint Distance: 750m Swim | 20.5k Bike | 5.4k Run
Olympic Kayak/SUP : 3 miles
Sprint Kayak/SUP : 1.6 miles

What is the order of a triathlon?
Swim(or kayak/SUP), bike then finish with the run.

Is Morro Bay Triathlon a USAT sanctioned event?
Yes it is! There will be USAT officials monitoring rules.

Is drafting allowed?
No. This is a non-drafting triathlon. There will be USAT officials monitoring the bike courses. There will be time penalties for drafting. This is an open course you will need to obey all traffic signals and signs.

Are cell phones and music allowed on course? 
No. We repeat, no. For safety reasons, cell phones and music(+ headphones) are prohibited. If any officials or staff catches you violating these rules, we may apply time penalties to your race time. See USAT rules

What product will you have on-course?
FLUID Nutrition. www.livefluid.com

Will there be photos available?
Yes! Finish and on-course photos will be available for purchase after the event – you will be emailed a link.

Can I bring my pet?
The expo area is pet friendly, however you may not participate with your pet. Sorry!

When and where is packet pick-up?
CLICK HERE for packet pick-up information.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

We do not offer refunds or credits for race cancellations. Once you buy your entry, we assume you are coming and will pay bills accordingly. Thank you

The Morro Bay Triathlon does not accept responsibility for refunds or cancellations in the event of natural or national emergencies or changes in governmental policies affecting the event course. Natural emergencies may include, but are not limited to severe weather including heavy rain, flooding, heat spells and cold spells. National or international emergencies may include, but are not limited to military conflicts, terrorist attacks, security threats, war, and heightened security alerts. In such event, there would be no refund to participants nor any reimbursement for event related expenses incurred by participants.


If you have a credit, it does not guarantee your entry into a race. You must still register prior to the event being sold out as all registrations are on a first come first served basis. These credits expire one year from issuing event. 

Transferring Entries

Do not transfer your number to any other athlete or take a number from an athlete that is not competing. The penalty for doing so is disqualification and one year suspension from membership in USAT for transferring a number without race director permission. 

In order to legally transfer your race spot, email contact.morrobaytri@gmail.com and the race director can edit the registration information through the registration website.  The last day to do this is Sunday, October 31, 2024. 

Photo Release Waiver

I hereby grant permission to Morro Bay Triathlon, and its officers, trustees, employees, agents, representatives, successors, licensees and assigns (hereinafter “Morro Bay Tri”) to photograph my image, likeness, or depiction and/or that of my minor children (if applicable). I hereby grant permission to Morro Bay Tri to edit, crop, or retouch such photographs, and waive any right to inspect the final photographs. I hereby consent to and permit photographs of me and/or those of my minor children to be used by Morro Bay Tri worldwide for any purpose, including educational and advertisement purposes, and in any medium, including print and electronic. I understand that Morro Bay Tri may use such photographs with or without associating names thereto. I further waive any claim for compensation of any kind for Morro Bay Tri’s use or publication of photographs of me and/or those of my minor children (if applicable).

I hereby fully and forever discharge and release Morro Bay Tri from any claim for damages of any kind (including, but not limited to, invasion of privacy; defamation; false light or misappropriation of name, likeness or image) arising out of the use or publication of photographs of me and/or those of my minor children (if applicable) by Morro Bay Tri, and covenant and agree not to sue or otherwise initiate legal proceedings against Morro Bay Tri for such use or publication on my own behalf or on behalf of my minor children. All grants of permission and consent, and all covenants, agreements and understandings contained herein are irrevocable



Racing Rules:


Valid ID:

EVERY athlete needs to bring a valid ID in order to pick up his/her packet. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

USAT Membership Card:

Every USAT member must bring a valid USAT membership card. Those of you who forget your card will be asked to pay the single day membership fee. Non members who did not pay the single day fee upon registering for the event will be asked to pay it prior to receiving their packet and participating.

1-day membership prices:

Adult (18 years +) = $15
Youth (17 and under) = $0 – FREE!

Annual Memberships:

Annual Memberships are not available at the event. If you would like to purchase an Annual USA Triathlon membership please visit USA Triathlon’s web site directly: www.usatriathlon.org/Membership

Adult (18 years+) = $50
Youth (17 and under) = $10