Mark Your Calendars – We’ve Got Pre-Event Clinics to Get You Excited!



Looking for something fun to do this August? We’re busy putting together a great slate of clinics to get you familliar with the course. You don’t have to have registered for the Morro Bay Tri to attend, and it’s totally free. What reason could you have NOT to do it? Morro Bay is a super beautiful, friendly, happy place with a quaint downtown and embarcadero, with miles of world class road rides and run in close proximity.

Come to our clinics and get a taste of the type of terrain you’ll be on, strategies for handling it, and get your questions answered while you enjoy a mini-vacation and get ready for this amazing triathlon! More info coming soon! Check our pre-event clinic page for more information as it becomes available and get on our email list below to get all the updates!

We will also be hosting a webinar by our event director the Thursday before – you can get your questions answered and get excited for the weekend ahead!

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