All Out Events staff

Just Morro Bay Tri things to look forward to in 2022

Reg opens on Jan 1 - and thank you for 2021!

First, thank you!

All Out Events and the Morro Bay Triathlon made it through the pandemic and came back healthier than ever thanks to YOU and our team of friends who come together every year to put it on. 

If you didn’t know, we’re a group of locals (and used-to-be locals) who do other things for a living and put on events for a passion.

All Out Events staff

We’ll be opening the triathlon up this year on January 1 – with accessible pricing that ensures you get your year planned right and have the next 11 months to look forward to!

Get prepared for price bumps!

  • 1/1/22 opens
  • 5/1/22 bump
  • 7/1/22 bump
  • 9/1/22 bump
  • 11/1/22 closes if not sold out before

November 6th is our new date!

We love being your late-season destination triathlon! After reviewing tides (we pick slack ones so you don’t get pushed or pulled in) and speaking with our partners, Sunday, November 6th is the date!

We'll keep improving operations

  • We have chosen Run Sign Up as our registration service this year to hopefully fix issues with, including shirt and kayak orders
  • We have identified issues with the new course and are working with our venue partners to improve
  • As always, please let us know if you we can do anything to just keep getting better and we will do our best!